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The Advantages of Submitting to provides free tools and websites to users worldwide. It is a global news distribution network. It is a property of PressVentures. Content on the site is available not only to but to major web and news search engines. An advantage of is that it is completely free to submit and all information remains indefinitely on the system.

Another advantage is that the site is aimed at media professionals like PR and IR professionals. All types of people are allowed to view the website of course leading to a wide exposure for your material. News releases must be in an acceptable format but once you get around this it is a pleasure to submit. It is a dynamic article archive that journalists use and major search engines love.

Submitting your material there means that a journalist will be more likely to end up turning up your material if they enter a search term that is similar to you content material. They also distribute to more news distributors / aggregators through RSS / XML leading to even more exposure. Submissions can be upgraded for a fee if you want which is a useful addition. Some press releases may get rejected by Clickpress but this is rare. It is useful to read their terms and conditions to make sure you do not run a risk of rejection.