Your copy of Viral Traffic Samurai will automatically promote your website using the power of:

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The Reason You Should Digg is one of the most important social bookmarking sites currently available. It is especially important to online marketers, for several reasons. 

The two main reasons are as follows:

-Using Digg will drive more traffic to your website
-Digg will help increase your PR, or page rank, numbers

To properly use this system, you will need to create posts that link to an article on your website. Give the post a title that will make people want to click, and read what is inside. Be certain that the post is of high quality, so that readers will "Digg" it. Once they do, a link to your post will appear on their profile, for all to see. At this point, you stand every chance of your post, with your link, going viral. This is the best you can hope for, and it occurs frequently. 

The page rank of your Digg post directly affects the page rank of your website. The more your post is shared, the higher it will rank. The higher it ranks, the higher number of times your website link will be clicked. This is why it is vital to post about topics that are highly searched, and provide valuable information within each.

To get the ball rolling, it is perfectly fine to ask your friends and family to digg your submissions. This creates an immediate viral effect, and is completely within the rules of the site. It is not advisable to digg your own submissions. This could be considered spamming, and might get you penalized.

Digg is indeed an important marketing tool. By working within this system, there is a lot to gain. Participate frequently, and never spam the site. Take the time to learn how the site works, and then get to digging. The more you participate, the more you will get out of it.