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EzineArticles was one of the first important article submission sites to be created on the internet. It has become a valuable site for helping authors build their credibility in the field they have expertise. Your name and brand will be linked to a particular field so that you become the go to person. The more consistently you write content for that subject matter the more the reader will have confidence in your name and brand. If the article is particularly good it can be placed on the publisher’s homepage. 
Name exposure at EzineArticles offers an opportunity for more work. Others will see your articles and may offer writing projects or even speaking engagements. EzineArticles may also be interested in publishing your articles in their free e-books. Others may want to reprint your articles in their blogs or websites. This again is free advertising. 
There are many other advantages of writing articles for EzineArticles such as: 
• Link building
• Improve your website’s page rank
• Free advertising
• Long term exposure
At the end of each article EzineArticles provides a small author’s box where you are permitted to include a link to your website, as well as leave your name and email address. This is a great opportunity to include an author’s bio as well as create a link to your main site. Many great links can be created to high page ranking sites including EzineArticles which will help to increase your page rank. EzineArticles is considered an authority site and so ranks high. When the search engine robots see the highly ranked connection they will raise your page rank also.
The guidelines for EzineArticles can be found online. We recommend checking it out. It is an opportunity you should not be missing out on.