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Press releases are different than articles. They are not simply a way to "talk" about a certain topic, site, or opportunity. A press release is your chance to "announce" the presence of your website or blog. The great thing is that your site doesn't necessarily need to be new. It just needs to be "news worthy." With a little creative writing and passion, you can make any site or blog sound fresh and interesting. Although there are many sites that offer press release distribution services, most are not cheap. The rare exception is who, as you may have guessed, provides there services at no cost to you.

How Can They Provide Press Release For Free?

The answer is quite simple. Whereas most press release distribution sites makes their money through charging fees for their services, instead makes their income through third-party advertisements. They have taken the burden off of you and have placed it on advertisers. This is how they can provide such a critical and effective marketing resource at no cost to you.

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