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PRLog - The Benefits of Submitting Press Releases

The use of press releases is a powerful marketing strategy currently being used by smart internet marketers and small business owners. Although article marketing is still a hot topic among many marketers, press releases distribution offers several strong benefits and may be more effective as a marketing tool. Some press release distribution websites can be quite expensive, charging up to $200 per press release. One website that offers quality press release distribution at no cost to you is makes press release distribution a snap. It's free and easy to set up a new account, and you can manage your new and archived press releases very conveniently.

The Benefits of Using Press Releases

1. Increase in backlinks. If you have a website and want to improve your search engine rankings, using a press release service will add an amazing amount of backlinks to your site in no time.

2. Targeted traffic. Your press releases will be picked up my hundreds, sometimes thousands, of websites. Those individuals who are searching for the info that your press release is about will find yours. When they click on the link back to your site, these visitors will be highly targeted. This will make them much more likely to take the action you are wanting.

3. Increase in credibility. Unlike articles that can be published easily by anyone, press releases that appear on respected sites like Google News carry with them a certain level of creditability.

Other Reasons Why You Should Be Submitting Press Releases With

- 40,000 RSS feeds, html feeds & javascript feeds on third party sites
- html links can be included in press releases
- can use with multiples tags and categories
- spam protection on your email
- distribution to numerous search engines and news sites like Google News and Bing News

Using press release distribution sites like is an effective way to get the word out about your site, get immediate targeted traffic, and add enough quality backlinks to help your site rank higher in the search engines. If you aren't wanting to give a marketing "boost" to your site or blog, it's highly recommended that you are submitting press releases to sites like