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Advantages of Submitting to

Twitter is a unique social networking website that has exploded in popularity over the last few years. It allows you to have followers, to whom you can publicize your tweets and those you are following will publicize their own tweets to you. This allows you to keep your fans up to date about all the latest goings on in your organization, which is integral for maximum promotion of your brand especially if you are an internet business like an internet store.

Through twitter people can tweet about items on your website which keeps them current and promotes them. It is important to submit to Twitter first of all because of the publicity. Secondly, it helps you win fans from people who you would not otherwise reach except by internet social networking. Submitting to Twitter shows that your organization is up to date and in with the latest thing. Twitter has even become more used than Google news as a way of hearing about the latest thing and its messages are sent out in real time. The website also manages to attract those using their mobile phones as this is a popular way of using Twitter.

Messages are limited to 140 characters so they fit easily onto a mobile phone, so you can reach people who are out and about too. If someone wants to know about a certain part of your service they can track tweets (search through all previous tweets) and find tweets that are relevant to their question. What's more if you want to actively find customers you can leave a tweet comment on their page detailing your services. It allows even small businesses an equal reaching platform to larger ones also, meaning small names can build their brand image maybe not overnight but soon.