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Everyone has a video to share to the world. With the advent of modern technology, you can easily share your videos to the world. A lot of stars these days start out by posting videos on the web. People can see their talent and the internet serve as their steppingstone to superstardom. A great site to post your videos is Vimeo. The site caters to respectful people who want to share their videos to the world. The friendly vibe of the site makes you feel at home. Vimeo is absolutely free but you can upgrade to Vimeo Plus and enjoy exclusive features.

Advantages of Submitting Videos to Vimeo:

• The videos are in high definition and the screen size is larger compared to other sites.

• Easily upload your videos. Faster uploading plus video streaming at the same time.

• Videos are posted and made by the owner.

• Relevant and well made videos are uploaded in the site.

• Quality videos are made and a lot of serious filmmakers and musicians prefer Vimeo.

• Tight knit community where members support and encourage each other.

• Stricter regulations regarding the content of videos.

You can start posting your videos at The site teaches you how to upload videos and also gives you tips on how to make videos. You can learn a lot of things from the site. You can learn different camera tricks, lightings, editing and the basic gear you need in making videos. If you want to start making your own videos then Vimeo is a great video up loader website.