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You Tube

You Tube is a video website where people from all over the world can submit videos they wish to share. There are many advantages to using You Tube:
• Creation of channels so you can categorize your videos into different themes
• User friendly so easy to upload videos from your computer or other source
• Linking of videos to other sites to build back links
• You Tube search engine is used by many people so your videos can be found

Creating channels is similar to creating your own television channels or programs. These can be broadcast globally so that you can be building up a following of like-minded people. This is very powerful because if your channel can go viral very quickly if you are striking a chord with many people. You Tube will even tag your video as the most watched for a particular time period so even more people will know about it. 
Several people have reached notoriety as entertainers and moved on to professional status with a huge monetary boost. You Tube provided them with a free marketing vehicle. This is probably one of the greatest advantages of You Tube. It costs nothing but provides a huge opportunity to get the visual word out. Many people have incorporated daily viewings of videos on You tube into their lives because You tube has become a household word.